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The Ferghana Valley forms an important part of the Syr Darya river basin of Central Asia. The valley’s land area is about 9 million ha, of which approximately 70%, 20% and 10% is in the Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan respectively. The Ferghana Valley in northern Tajikistan covers about 700,000 ha, of which about 200,000 ha are suitable for irrigation. About 2.0 million people living in Tajikistan’s portion of the Ferghana Valley, of whom about 65% are in the rural areas, and has led to reduced agricultural income and an increased incidence of poverty. The principal water control structure in the Tajikistan portion of the Ferghana Valley is the Kayrakkum dam, located on the Syr Darya river near Khujand. The maximum dam height is 32 m, the total reservoir design storage capacity is 4,200 million m3, and the reservoir surface area at full supply level is 513 km2.

The defined overall project objectives are: (i) to increase the productivity of irrigated agriculture and the income of the rural population in the Ferghana Valley by improving land and water management, and (ii) to improve Kayrakkum dam and reservoir safety and regulation thereby contributing to enhanced water management security and efficiency at the basin level. The four project components that have been formulated to meet these objectives are below.
Component A – Irrigation and Drainage Systems Rehabilitation and Improvements,
Component B – Strengthening Kayrakkum Reservoir Dykes and Improvement of Kayrakkum Dam Safety and Reservoir Operation,
Component C – Institutional Development and Technical Assistance, Component D – Project Management

Description of Actual Services Provided by TEMELSU:
• Data Collection and Processing for : Water Resources, Infrastructure System Inventories and Deficiencies, Agricultural and Land Resource , Socioeconomic and Institutional data
• Special Studies and Investigations for : Water Balance, Irrigation and Drainage Infrastructure Systems,Dam and Reservoir Safety and Operations, Power Systems, Agricultural and Agroeconomic Systems
• Refined Formulation and Estimation of Project Interventions for: Side Embankment Restoration and Protection Works, Irrigation and Drainage Pumping Station and Tubewell Systems Rehabilitation Works, Irrigation and Drainage Networks and Structures Rehabilitation and Improvement, Dam Safety, Reservoir Operation, Power System and Other Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Improvement, Socio-Institutional Development Program, Agricultural Development Support Programs, EA and SA Results Incorporation, Project Management and Implementation Support Programs
• Seminar to stakeholders
• Project Operational Manual
• Pre-Project Socio-Institutional Development Activities

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