Project Name: Construction Supervision Services of Bisri Dam, Water Supply Augmentation Project

Country: LEBANON

Finance Source: World Bank

Tags: Lebanon, Dam, World Bank, Supervision

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The proposed Bisri Project is comprised of a 74 meters maximum high dam and 2 hydropower plants, one small integrated in the dam project and second more than 3 km downstream (outside tha scope of this contract). The crest length of the dam between the abutments is almost 740 meters and 12 meters wide. When full, the reservoir of dam will store almost 125 Mm3 of water.

Bisri Dam is needed to store Bisri River water during the wet season and release this water downstream in the dry season. Several kilometres downstream of Bisri Dam, this water is turbined next to the Joun power plant. From there it is conveyed to a bifurication which is the intake to the Awali Conveyor Project. From here, the Awali Conveyor will transport this water to a treatment plant and then to the City of Beirut for distribution.

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by TEMELSU:

Temelsu and Su-Yapı together shall act as Engineer administer and supervise the construction contractor(s) to ensure the timely progress of the Bisri Dam Construction works, to ensure that the works are carried out in accordance with the approved design and specifications, and that the quality of works meets the standards and specifications required in technical document. This includes assessment and monitoring of construction programs, materials, labour, construction methods, in compliance with specified construction methods.

JV (Temelsu & Su-Yapı) shall supervise all works including the Embankment Dam, cofferdam, spillway, diversion, intake, penstocks, mini powerhouse and head/tailrace piping connections, hydro-mechanical equipment.

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