Finance Source: Asian Development Bank

Tags: Kyrgyzstan, Asian Development Bank, Irrigation, Drainage, Climate Change, Tender Assistance, Supervision, Project Management, Capacity Buildings, Monitoring and Evaluation

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:
The project will strengthen climate change and disaster resilience in the water sector through modernized and well-maintained infrastructure; enhanced agricultural and on-farm water management; and improved data collection and analysis. The project is financed by ADB.

The project outcome will be climate change and disaster resilience of infrastructure and water security improved. The project will be aligned with the following impact: losses from climate change-related disasters reduced in the water resources and agriculture sectors. Project output are:
Output 1: Irrigation infrastructure protected and modernized. The project will protect and modernize irrigation systems to improve the water productivity of approximately 20,000 ha irrigated land through upgrading and construction of main (primary and secondary) canals, lower-level (intra-farm and on-farm) canals, and associated infrastructure such as protective mudflow crossing structures, and cross-regulators, and offtakes.
Output 2: Irrigation system and agricultural land management enhanced. The project will strengthen management and operation and maintenance (O&M) of target irrigation systems including practical drought and climate risk management
Output 3: National disaster risk management capacity improved. The project will support capacity building and upgrade equipment for national disaster risk management in the water resources sector. Heavy machinery and associated equipment for preventative and rehabilitation works will be purchased and installed in the Northern and Southern Emergency Response Centers of the MOES. Hydrological posts for KyrgyzHydromet will be installed in approximately 20 sites in the project’s target areas and an information system for enhanced data collection, processing, and flood warning will be piloted for improved efficiency and accuracy.

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by TEMELSU:
• Project Management and Coordination
• Monitoring and Evaluation of Project Progress and Safeguards
• Procurement support
• Construction Supervision
• Capacity Building and Implementation of Project Components

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